Organic Maple Syrup, Case of 100ml

Organic Maple Syrup, Case of 100ml


12 x 100ml bottles
100% Pure organic maple syrup. Single Forest, unblended.
100ml Amber, Rich Taste
(Formally known as Canada No. 1 Medium, or Grade A Dark Amber)

(These bottles are sold by the case, uniquely due to shipping fees. If you would like to add single bottles of the 100ml to an order that includes other bottle sizes, please use our Contact Form and include your full order and shipping information, we will send you Paypal invoice and tracking information. Merci!)


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The 2017 maple syrup harvest was spectacular. Fluctuating winter temperatures that keep the sap running started in early February and ended in early April. The yields were above average, and freezing nights and cool daytime temperatures hovering just above zero, preserved the freshness of the sap creating light and delicate flavours. Enjoy this syrup as the perfect ingredient to your granola, sweetener to your tea, or breakfast topping.   

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Certified by/Certifié par
Ecocert Canada

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