Frequently Asked Questions



Do I have to refrigerate maple syrup?
Yes, this is very important. Pure maple syrup is a natural product with a sugar content that isn't high enough to preserve the syrup at room temperature. Always refrigerate pure maple syrup after opening.

How do I store unopened maple syrup?
Store unopened maple syrup in a cool and dark place like your pantry. 

Does maple syrup or maple sugar have a Best Before Date?
Yes. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) requires all maple syrup packagers to assign both maple syrup and maple sugar with a Best Before Date (BBD) two years after bottling or packaging. If you require the BBD for any of our products, please write to info(at) and include the products you are interested in; we will return your email with our current best before dates for those products.

What can I do if my syrup has a moldy film on it?
The most common reason mold starts to grow on pure maple syrup is because it hasn't been properly refrigerated after opening. It's best to discard your maple syrup if mold is found.

If you feel that you have been refrigerating your syrup properly since opening, the mold could be occurring for one of these two reasons:

  • From airborne molds in the fridge (if your syrup hasn't been tightly sealed).

  • Because the syrup wasn't bottled at a high enough temperature.

If you are unsure of the reason as to why the mold has occurred, please make note the lot# on your bottle, the date and location of purchase, and send this information to info(at) 

Why are there white bubbles on top of my syrup?
White bubbles are air bubbles that can appear if syrup has been shaken. The bubbles are completely safe and there is no reason for concern. The bubbles will disappear over time but it can take a while depending on how vigorously the bottles were shaken. If they bother you, you can easily skim them off.



What are your shipping rates for Canada?
We have a $12 flat fee for shipping anywhere in Canada. Orders over $150 qualify for free shipping, no promotional code is needed for our free shipping offer.

What are your shipping rates for the USA?
We have a $30 flat fee for shipping anywhere in the US. Orders over $200 qualify for free shipping, no promotional code is needed for our free shipping offer.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! If you are outside of Canada or the US, please send us your order (as the shipping quote is based on size and weight) and address including postal code to info(at) We will respond to your email with a few shipping options for you to choose from. A PayPal invoice will be created to complete the order.

Australia: for retail & wholesale orders please contact Woodsmoke Gourmet
Singapore: for retail orders please contact Bottles & Bottles
Korea: for retail orders please contact Organic Mart

Will I be able to track my shipment?
Yes, a tracking number will be provided to you when your order is shipped. Orders are typically shipped 1 business day after payment has been received.  

Can I send Cosman & Webb product(s) as a gift?
Yes! Add our gift wrapping option to your shopping cart and you will be prompted to fill out a form to personalize your gift(s). Our gift wrapping option costs $5.75 (includes tax) and includes:

  • Your choice of greeting card:
    1) Winter scene, card message: Peace On Earth
    2) Breakfast table scene, blank inside

  • Your selection of syrup(s) and or sugar, beautifully wrapped in kraft paper, grass ribbon, and pine.

  • Sent in an unmarked parcel on the date of your choice


Can I order different grades of Maple Syrup?
We offer Amber syrup, though this classification covers a broad range of flavours within that class. All of the syrup in our glass bottles is a Light Amber, and the syrup in our 1lt container is a Dark Amber. Both are classified as Amber (formally known as Canada No.1 Medium, or a dark B) - as opposed to Golden Delicate Taste or Dark Robust Taste.

Learn more about Maple Syrup Grades.

What's the difference between Organic & Non-Organic Syrup?
This is our most frequently asked question, and our most favorite conversation to have. All of the rules and regulations an organic syrup farmer has to abide by can be found on our Geek Page.

What is Single Forest?
Single Forest is to maple syrup as Single Origin is to coffee and chocolate. Single Forest acknowledges that maple syrup is produced at a specific farm from one's own forest. The uniqueness of the region, and the characteristics of that specific area where the sap is harvested, all depict the distinct and unique flavours from the land. Single Forest is traceable, of higher quality, unblended, and for us, Single Forest is our guarantee that all of our syrup is our very best maple syrup.