Our Farm

Established in 1977, the sugar bush of the Cosman & Webb Farm has been producing the finest, most pure, 
organic maple syrup for nearly half a century. Today, the ancient forest and fertile soils are home to an abundance
of thriving animal and plant species; it is a sanctuary of biodiversity, a place of beauty, and
is now cherished by a third generation of Cosmans. 

David & Linda of Cosman & Webb Townships Organic. Maple Syrup Producers.

David Cosman & Linda Shattuck

Our story starts with my parents, David and Linda, a hard-working couple who purchased a farm in the Eastern Townships of southern Quebec in 1977. The barns were dilapidated, the farmhouse was in need of repairs, and the fields were overgrown, but they had fallen in love with the land and the possibility of the simple, honest living that it offered them. With little money and many acres, David and Linda needed to start generating income for the farm. They scraped together enough money to purchase four cows, and their farming vocation officially began.


In 1986, the first 400 maple trees were tapped. All of the sap collected in that first season was sold to a neighbouring syrup producer; it was a lot of work for almost no return. Over the next several years, David and Linda grew their herd of cows to 50, built their own sugar camp, and increased their maple taps to 6000. When, in 1995, an adjacent parcel of sugar maples came up for sale, David and Linda felt they had to buy it to save it from being clear-cut. The property was large and it needed to pay for itself, more organic syrup was the answer.

As the woods flourished and the farm grew, David and Linda also raised a family - me (Daniel), my brother Patrick, and my sister Andrea. Though we all left the farm for a time to pursue degrees and explore the world beyond the Townships, the three of us are still deeply rooted to the land on which we grew up. Tapping the maples in the winter, sugaring in the spring, and tending to the lines throughout the year, we continue to gather together as a family in all the seasons of the farm and forest. And as my own children, Yannick and Eleanor, explore and play in the woods and fields, a third generation of Cosmans is now falling in love with this beautiful place.

Daniel Cosman & Sarah (Webb) Cosman

After years of dreaming, planning, and waiting with our fingers crossed, my wife, Sarah, and I purchased a property adjacent to the family farm in 2013. Our hope of someday returning to Quebec to raise our children and partner with my parents to run the sugar bush crystallized around these rolling hills of beech and maple. Knowing the expanded farm would now need to support two families, we began working on a new brand for the syrup and exploring the potential for bringing it to the west coast of Canada, where I had been living since 2006. In December 2014, Cosman & Webb Townships Organic was launched - organic, unblended, single forest maple syrup direct from the Cosman farm.

I manage the business operations, sales, and logistics of Cosman & Webb, while Sarah develops and markets the Cosman & Webb brand, directs web sales, and takes care of the bookkeeping. We're most often found at farmers' markets, on the road making sales trips, and hiking in the sugarbush with Yannick and Eleanor.



Our Commitment To Organic

Our farm has been certified organic for over two decades. This certification guarantees the quality of the equipment we use in our production process, our choice of environmentally friendly cleaning products, and our commitment not to use harmful toxins on the trees and taps. And yet our dedication to organic standards runs much deeper than simply passing our inspection and paying our annual fee. The native maple forest we tap is the foundation of our business, but it's also a thriving ecosystem comprised of complex living relationships. It's a sanctuary for biodiversity, it's a place of beauty, and it's our home.

Continually supporting the health of the forest while making the finest organic maple syrup on earth is both a pleasure and a privilege, and we consider it our calling. Naturally, we believe that our dedication to clean and ecologically sound practices is reflected in the exquisite taste of Cosman & Webb Townships Organic single forest maple syrup. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.