The Oat Box

We're not ones for monthly subscriptions, but a colleague of ours
recently turned us on to a Montreal-based company who offers to ship healthy and delicious cereals anywhere in Canada and in the US. We jumped in with both feet.

For $20 a month (shipping included), The Oat Box delivers two granola mixes comprised of exciting new flavour blends you won't find at any grocery store. Using organic ingredients sourced as locally as possible, each cereal is thoughtfully handcrafted, beautifully packaged, and delivered to your home or office. 

The Oat Box also has a blog full of delicious recipes, many which
include maple syrup and ideas on how to use your cereal in creative ways. Here's a link to our favorite recipe of theirs - 
Grapefruit & Vanilla Infused Maple Syrup.


Not only do we love the cereals that arrive each month, we're really impressed with the company.  The Oat Box has inspired us to make improvements within our own Cosman & Webb brand which you can expect to see in the coming months.